Gone are the Old Days of Picture Taking

Posted by agtile on May 14, 2009 in Family Photography

When you reach a certain age in your life you think you learned all that you can or even want to. I had come to the realization that once the computer got here that was it. I was too old to be learning a new trick. Before I knew it I had my kids and grandkids showing me on the latest laptop what I was missing. So a few of my friends and I went to the local college here in Destin, Florida and took a class. Yes, it was predominantly a senior citizen’s course, with everyone learning the same new tricks to replace old methods.

Then it came, after just learning the world of electronic correspondence through email on the computer, along comes the digital camera. Now my days of photography go way back. You remember those days…the ones before color? Where you had to advance the film yourself? Now I thought the person who invented the camera that automatically spits out your paper picture for you to view was the most amazing piece of photograph genius I’d ever seen. Boy was I wrong!

It was my birthday and the grandkids decided that it was high time for me to go back to class. They got me one of those new, fan-dangled digital photography cameras. It was even a bright pink, my favorite color! Before the kiddies left for home that day, they showed me the basics for operating my new digital camera. Shortly after their instruction, I was taking pictures like the amateur photographer that I had always loved being when I was shooting and developing 35mm film. Better yet, I was able to erase those “not so flattering at any age” terrible photographs. Being able to do that without worrying about having to pay for developing pictures I didn’t want is a bonus I had never thought of before!

Now that my friends have seen how easy it was for me to learn digital photography, they’re all asking for gifts of digital cameras and lessons from their own grandkids! Looks like I’ll have some more friends to go with me and sign up to take the photography class being offered at the college now. There’s just no stopping us senior citizens, regardless of our antiquated age, when you immerse us in the world of technology! I think every one of us younger old folks should get one of these nifty digital cameras. Then we can take as many photographs of our grandchildren as we want without paying to develop film!

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