Blueprint Photography

Posted by agtile on May 21, 2009 in Fourth of July Accomodations

Blueprint Photography
So, I recently moved to Florida and discovered something completely new about my mother – she has an odd habit of rearranging my furniture whenever she comes to visit. The first time she visited our home in Seaside Florida, she stayed for just a few days. It was not until after she left that I realized that several of my belongings were not where I usually kept them. I did not think much of it, simply moved them back into place ad went on about my daily life. The next time she came to visit, I had to go to work – I am a photographer at a local photography studio – when I cam home I was missing my blue couch – and entire couch! I thought that was a bit odd and when I questioned her; she simply explained that it looked better in the den than it did it the family room.


Now, I am a nice daughter and had no intention of offending my mother who I knew had the best of intentions in mind when she decided to redecorate my home. Still, I like my things the way I like them, so I decided to wait until she left and just put everything back, which is exactly what I did

Now I assumed that the next time she came to visit, she would get the hint and leave the pictures, knickknack and couches where they were. Oh how wrong I was. I got home from a hard days work at the studio and realized that even more of my belongings had bee moved. This actually caused the tiniest of arguments between dear old mom and me, when I asked her to help me move everything back. Not wanting to part badly, I ended up saying. I loved it – I just needed to get used to it.

So what is a girl to do? I did not want to offend mom, but I wanted my stuff right where it was supposed to be. Then it hit me. I worked with a bunch of professional photographers. What does one thing have to do with the other? It is simple. The day she left, I invited several photographer friends over and we photographed my entire house – from every angle, every side, upstairs, downstairs and even some cabinets.

Why, pray tell, you may ask? I brought the film to the photography studio and had the picture used developed and blown up. I then went home and rearranged everything back into its original positions. I went back to my normal life until one day I received a call form mom and dad, letting me know they would be down to visit me in Florida in a few weeks. Here is the beauty part: I got out the oversized photos, studied them carefully and proceeded to put everything where my mom liked it. The photos were my blueprint.

Mom and dad showed up a few days later and mom was all smiles, believe with her whole heart that I had taken all her advice and changes to heart. I did not explain what had really happened. It was a great solution to a potentially prickly subject. And then I realized she was never going to stop when I cam home from work and found the walls painted peach – I am not entirely sure my blueprint photography plan will help me with this one.

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