Falling Photographs and Butterfly’s

Falling Photographs and Butterfly’s


I am famous for my road trips. The type of girl who will, on a whim, jump in the car and just go. I never really have a plan; I just like to see where the wind will blow me. Recently, I have been traveling out from my Destin, Fl home in search of things to practice my latest obsession – photography. I am under the tutelage of a photography teacher who has this weird obsession with movement in pictures. He believes that a good photographer should be able to capture the feeling of movement in their pictures.

Well, I am always up for a challenge, so I grabbed a couple of the other aspiring photographers one Saturday and piled them in my car for a road trip. I was bound and determined to find something that had never been seen in local photography.I was especially determined to find the perfect ‘movement’ shop as my last couple attempts had met the distain of my teacher.

Anyway, we were driving down the road, listening to some tunes and looking for something interesting when we came across a butterfly house. Butterfly’s move – in fact, I thought to myself, they move fast. It seemed like the perfect opportunity, so I pulled over and, like clowns from a car, out spilled the photographers. We paid the price, bought the ticket and entered into the butterfly house.

I was immediately drawn to the beautiful Brazilian butterfly’s that flitted about me. Their gorgeous wings moved quickly but gracefully and I knew they were the perfect subject for my attempt to show movement in my work. I grabbed my camera, checked my lens and film and was off.


So, there is a tiny problem, really very small, that you encounter when attempting to take pictures of Brazilian butterfly’s, or any butterfly I suppose. You do not exactly watch where you are going. The first time I tripped, I assumed I was just being clumsy; I had not hurt myself, so I just moved on. The second time, I laughed and the third time made me mad. I still had not taken a picture that my teacher would approve of though, so I kept going and that is where the real trouble began.

I found the perfect butterfly, gently resting on a branch just above my eye level. I stood stock still, and waited for it to move. When it did, so did I and clicking away on my camera, I tripped. I fell. I fell hard. I managed to break my ankle in two places. Instead of a fun trip home, I spent four hours in the hospital and walked out in a cast on crutches.

I never even thought about my film until the day before my next class. I never even saw the pictures of the Brazilian butterfly’s until photography teacher did. Apparently I should fall and break my ankle more often, because I finally took a good movement shot – I am just not sure if it was because of my talent or because I took it as I fell.

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