Gone are the Old Days of Picture Taking

Posted by agtile on Aug 13, 2012 in Family Photography

When you reach a certain age in your life you think you learned all that you can or even want to. I had come to the realization that once the computer got here that was it. I was too old to be learning a new trick. Before I knew it I had my kids and grandkids showing me on the latest laptop what I was missing. So a few of my friends and I went to the local college here in Destin, Florida and took a class. Yes, it was predominantly a senior citizen’s course, with everyone learning the same new tricks to replace old methods.

Then it came, after just learning the world of electronic correspondence through email on the computer, along comes the digital camera. Now my days of photography go way back. You remember those days…the ones before color?  Where you had to advance the film yourself?

Now I thought the person who invented the camera that automatically spits out your paper picture for you to view was the most amazing piece of photograph genius I’d ever seen. Boy was I wrong! Read more…

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Premier Destin Photographer for your Wedding

Posted by agtile on Aug 9, 2012 in Beach Weddings

When you are looking to
capture a special event or create a long-lasting memory, look to one of the best
photographers in Destin, Drew Joe Falter. Apart from his compulsion for perfection in every frame he shoots, Mr. Falter is known for his wonderful demeanor. With a superlative professional approach, he easily puts every photography subject as ease. This uncanny, natural ability creates portraits that are truly life-like, as if the person could reach out from the mounted print and take your hand. Hundreds of satisfied clients will enthusiastically recommend him, Destin Photographer, for all of your professional photography needs. Read more…

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